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How can I change or cancel my order after it has been submitted?
Order change timeframe

In order to get your orders to you as quickly as possible, we have a limited window to change or cancel orders.

  • Online shipped orders: 30 minutes to change or cancel your order
  • Store or Curbside Pick Up: 15 minutes to change or cancel your order
  • Same-Day Delivery: 15 minutes to change or cancel your order
    • Note: Cancel/Change window timeframes are an estimate based on typical processing times. You may occasionally encounter shorter or longer change/cancel timeframes based on actual processing.

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Can I change my order to store or curbside pickup?
Can I Make Changes to my Store or Curbside Pick-Up Order?

CHANGE or UPDATE: Once you have placed your store pick-up/ curbside order we are unable to make changes to the order. You may cancel your order if it is still within the change window or place a new order for any additional items. Store stock will vary from location to location and some items may only be available online.

CANCEL: You can cancel your order online within 15 minutes of placing it. If you don’t see a cancel option, it means your order is being processed and cannot be canceled. If your order is not picked up within 7 days, we will cancel and refund you to your original form of payment automatically.

LOCATION CHANGE: Since merchandise is specific to individual store stock, we are unable to change the pick-up location to another store location or to warehouse fulfillment. You would need to place a new order and choose the alternate store location pending stock availability and cancel or return your original order.

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