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What do I do if I'm having trouble with a promotional code during checkout?

We're sorry for any trouble you may have experienced during checkout regarding promotional offers. Reasons for your promo code not working may include:

  • Requirements are not met for the special offer
  • Other exclusions that apply
  • Promotional offer expired

If you continue to have trouble applying a promo code, please contact us by chat or by phone for assistance

If you need to apply a promo code to a previous order that was placed within the past 10 days, please click here for a price adjustment.

Unless otherwise noted, Macy's savings passes and promo codes are valid beginning at 12:00 AM Pacific Time on the first day of the sale and expire at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on the last day of the sale. See the map below for an example of when the sale will begin/end in your area.

promo_timezones.png is only able to apply one promotional code per transaction. Promotional codes are unable to be used in conjunction with other promotional codes on the same order. To allow the maximum amount of savings on any purchase at, we suggest that a rough calculation be performed to determine which code is more beneficial for the order in question.