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Highlights of Macy’s, Inc. Notice of Privacy Practices

Updated December 2021.

This statement applies to "Personal Information" collected, processed or stored by Macy's, a Macy's Inc. company. Personal information may be shared between or processed for retailing purposes by any Macy's Inc. entity, operating under the brand names Macy's or Bloomingdale's (hereinafter "Family of Businesses"). This Notice describes the extent of collection and usage for these Macy's, Inc. "Family of Businesses" and services; however, not all entities participate in all uses and collection described in this document. Notice of Privacy Practices.

To view your separate Department Store National Bank (DSNB) Privacy Statement for your Macy's credit card or to learn more about our credit services, please click here.

Why we collect and use information
Types of information we collect
How we collect your information
How we share your information
Managing your preferences
California Residents
Safeguarding information