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WORRYNOMORE® Protection Plan
  • WORRYNOMORE plans provide years of professional protection for your furniture, mattress, area rug, fine jewelry or watch purchases. WORRYNOMORE is a Macy’s owned brand and is exclusive to Macy’s Inc. If your concern is covered by the WORRYNOMORE plan, Macy’s will ensure that your claim is resolved.

    • When you purchase the WORRYNOMORE Protection plan and your merchandise has been delivered, your WORRYNOMORE plan will be active in our system. You can access your account 24/7 by searching for your phone number on
    • You can sign up for Macy's WORRYNOMORE Protection program within 14 days of your order’s delivery.

    • To purchase, contact a Macy's Sales Colleague through chat, calling 800-289-6229, or visit your local Macy's store with your receipt.
  • No, all WORRYNOMORE plans are automatically registered.

    • Your WORRYNOMORE plan is active as soon as your merchandise is delivered. If you need to file a claim or review your terms and conditions, you can access your WORRYNOMORE plan on by using a unique identifier such as your email address, phone number, or order number.
    • You can also use the WORRYNOMORE app for Androids and iOS which is the preferred method.
    • If you'd rather call, contact WORRYNOMORE at 800-916-6229, or for the Ultimate Plan for furniture call 800-527-7569. You may receive a link via text message or email to complete your online claim and submit pictures or videos.

    • Pictures are a critical part of the claim process. We encourage you to utilize the app or to upload a picture or video for your claim process. Using these resources provides a much faster turnaround time than calling, waiting for a service professional, and then the results of your report.
    • WORRYNOMORE® plans provide years of professional protection for your furniture, mattress, area rug, fine jewelry, or watch purchases.
    • The WORRYNOMORE Furniture Protection plan covers 5 years of worry-free use of your furniture, unlimited in-home professional furniture repair, a nationwide service network, and replacement of furniture that can't be repaired.
    • The WORRYNOMORE Mattress Protection plan covers 10 years of worry-free use of your mattress, unlimited in-home professional stain removal on all covered accidental stains, or replacement mattress that can't be clean.
    • The WORRYNOMORE Area Rug Protection plan covers 7 years of worry-free use of your area rug, unlimited in-home professional stain removal and fringe repair for covered accidents, and access to a nationwide service network.

    For more information regarding fine jewelry and watch, purchases click here

  • Some common denial reasons are:

    • Claims outside of the plan’s coverage timeframe
    • Issues not included in the coverage
    • Bodily oil buildup
    • Loss of foam resiliency
    • Pet damage exceeding 3 occurrences
    • Issues referred to vendor warranty coverage
    • Accumulation of stains or damage (not the result of a one-time accident or occurrence)

    • WORRYNOMORE works concurrently with your manufacturer's warranty and does not replace the manufacturer's warranty. We will always look to the manufacturer’s warranty first when addressing any concerns. A manufacturer’s warranty covers repair and replacement costs due to factory errors but can exclude flaws caused by anything outside of the manufacturer’s design.
    • To determine whether your concern should be filed using your manufacturer’s warranty or your WORRYNOMORE plan or to find out what is covered in your manufacturer's warranty, please call Customer Service at 888-822-6229
    • To file a claim with WORRYNOMORE, you can visit
      or call 1-800-916-6229.

  • Inspect your items when they are delivered. If there are any concerns about your merchandise you must report them within 3 days of delivery, as they may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Once you file a claim with WORRYNOMORE, you may view the status of your claim at or through the WORRYNOMORE app. You may also receive notifications via email or SMS text message.

    • Small stains may be sent a specialty cleaning kit free of charge for self-application which is proven to resolve nearly all small stain claims.
    • Larger stains or repairs may have a professional technician scheduled to come to your home to inspect and/or resolve.
    • Sometimes a part needs to be ordered from a manufacturer to complete the needed repair.
    • Damaged items deemed not repairable may move to a cash settlement or full replacement at the customer’s choice.
  • Coverage is usually determined within 24 hours of online claim processing.

    • You will be sent a specialty cleaning kit once a small stain claim has been determined. The specialty kit will be shipped express shipping within 2 days.
    • If a technician’s work order is determined, it is created within 24 hours of coverage confirmation. Technician visit timeframe may vary depending upon market and technician availability and will range from a few days to a few weeks.
    • Parts orders from the manufacturers may take up to 12 weeks to obtain.
    • Cash Settlements may take up to 4 weeks to process.
    • Full Replacements, on average, take 2 weeks to process and depend upon stock availability.
    • On average, 50% of covered WORRYNOMORE claims are resolved in less than 30 days.
    • If you never initiate a WORRYMORE® claim that results in a technician visit or replacement through the duration of your coverage period, we'll give you 100% of your furniture or rug protection plan price in the form of a voucher good toward your next rug (in store purchase only), furniture or bedding purchase at Macy's stores.
    • You can obtain your Great Give Back voucher by visiting or calling 1-800-916-6229. A merchandise voucher will be mailed to you within 30 days of receipt of your request. The merchandise voucher must be used within 90 days of receipt.