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What services are provided at the time of a mattress or furniture delivery?

Upon arrival at your home, the Delivery Expert will:

  • Discuss potential layout/setup of item(s) being delivered.
  • Discuss any potential hazards in and around the requested set-up location(s).
  • Remove and haul off the unwanted used bed, as applicable.
  • Use pads to protect your home while transporting your furniture.
  • Wear shoe covers so as not to track dirt/mud into your home.
  • Review any special requests for moving furniture as needed. Please note that only items similar in weight or structure to those being delivered may be moved on the same floor/level.

When unpacking your merchandise, the Delivery Expert will:

  • Set up and place your merchandise where you want it. Please note that we cannot connect/disconnect any electrical equipment.
  • Vacuum areas around bed and install dust ruffles on the new bed.
  • Remove all delivery-related trash from your home.

To ensure your merchandise fully meets your expectations and Macy's high-quality standards, the Delivery Expert will:

  • Wipe down all merchandise, as applicable.
  • Inspect the merchandise with you and clean up any minor imperfections.
  • Assist you with Customer Service on any issues that arise during delivery.
  • Demonstrate the set up and attachments of your merchandise.