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What is the Macy's App In-Store Mode?

What is In-Store Mode?

Macy's In Store Mode is a dashboard of mobile app features that will help you while you are shopping in a Macy's store or preparing for a store trip. Features include: store location information, product scanning capabilities, and personalized store offers and messages.

How do I access In-Store Mode?

From the global menu:

From the global menu, select Stores > In Store Mode. If the app is able to detect that you are in a Macy's store (must have location services enabled), then the dashboard for that store will load. Otherwise, you will have to select your desired store by searching the city/state or zip code.

From the homescreen:

If the app is able to detect that you are in a Macy's store (must have location services enabled), then there will be a link to the dashboard in the greeting on top of the homescreen.

From the store details page:

There will be a link to In Store Mode from the Store Details page if accessed outside of store mode.

In-Store Mode Features

Store Details:

Tapping on the greeting will load the store details page, which will include the store's address, phone number, hours, upcoming events, and features.

Store Shortcuts:

From left to right: 1) store hours, loads store details page, 2) wifi, loads directions on connecting to in store wifi, 3) store directory, loads store directory (departments organized by category and listed by floor), 4) weekly catalog, loads local catalogs.

Omnichannel Offers:

Loads offers that can be redeemed in store and through a scan & send purchase. For signed-in customers, their wallet offers will also appear. Tapping on the last item in the carousel will load the entire offers list.

Scan & Send:

You can scan the merchandise tag for more product information, such as product price, availability, details, reviews, and recommendations. You can also purchase products to be shipped to your home if they are not available in store or if you want to skip the checkout line.


Swipe through the carousel for messages from Macy's; the last item in the carousel will take users to all the messages in your inbox. The message inbox can also be accessed via the icon on the top right-hand corner of the homescreen header.

Your Pickup Orders:

Check here to see whether your pickup order is ready. When you arrive at the store, tap your order here to read instructions on where to go, and to generate your pickup barcode.