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What is Macy's Money and how do I redeem it?
What is Macy's Money?

Macy's Money is a reward card that you can earn by making qualifying purchases during the Earn Period.

How do I earn Macy's Money?
How Do I Receive Macy's Money?
What happens if Macy's Money is Returned?
Current Macy's Money Event

During an event, anybody can earn $10 in Macy’s Money for every $50 they spend at Macy’s (up to $40) on qualifying purchases, which can be used just like a Gift Card!

Rewards can only be redeemed during the Redeem Period.

  • Event Earn period is: 12/9-12/16
  • Redeem period is: 12/17-12/24

How it works

  1. Shop at Macy’s in store or online during the earn period.
  2. If you earn Macy’s Money in store, you’ll get your Reward Card right at the register. If you earn it online, we’ll send you a confirmation email with more details. Exclusions
  3. Spend your Macy’s Money on qualifying purchases during the redeem period. Exclusions

You can earn $10 for every $50 you spend!

$50 - $99.99$10
$100 - $149.99$20
$150 - $199.99$30
$200 or more $40
Upcoming Macy's Money Event
Past Macy's Money Events