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What is a Star Rewards status and how can I check mine?

The Star Rewards program consists of four different loyalty statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum.

If you do not have a Macy's Credit Card, then you are eligible for Bronze status. For Macy's Credit Cardholders, new Cards are opened with Silver status. Cardholder Status is based on your annual Macy’s Credit Card purchases at Macy’s.

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Cardholder Star Rewards Status
Net Qualifying Purchase Amount at Macy's
on your Macy's Credit Card within a Calendar Year
Silver $1 - $499.99 Gold $500 - $1,199.99 Platinum $1,200+

Upgrading to the next status

If you sign up for the Macy's Star Rewards program without a Macy's Credit Card, you will have Bronze status. To attain Silver status, open a Macy's Credit Card (subject to credit approval).

New Macy's Credit Cards are opened with Silver status.

To upgrade to Gold status, spend between $500-$1,199 at Macy's with your Macy's Credit Card in a calendar year. To upgrade to Platinum status, spend $1,200 or more at Macy's with your Macy's Credit Card. You will automatically be upgraded to Gold or Platinum 7 days after meeting the purchase requirement, assuming your returns do not bring you below the qualifying purchase requirement.

Once you are upgraded, you will maintain that status (unless you advance to a higher status) for the remainder of the current year. On January 1st of each year, we will review your purchase amount at Macy’s on your Macy’s Credit Card to determine your initial status for the new year.

See the Macy's Star Rewards Terms & Conditions for details.