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What are Macy's policies for online merchandise pricing and price adjustments?
Pricing policy for online merchandise
Macy's pricing terms
  • Offering Prices: Regular (REG.) and Original (ORIG.) prices are offering prices, which means that merchandise was offered in stores or on at those prices. However, an item may not have been sold at those prices, so the savings shown from regular prices may not be based on actual sales of the item.

  • Sale: Sale applies to selected items only. For example, “Fine Jewelry on Sale” will include many but not all items in the Fine Jewelry department. If everything in the identified category is included, All or Entire Stock will be used (e.g.: All Diamond Jewelry on Sale). In some cases, an advertised item may be on sale for an event, but will then be permanently price reduced based on sales performance. In these cases, the item will remain at a reduced price.

  • Permanently Reduced Merchandise: The terms Original (ORIG.) , Closeout , Clearance , Now , Permanent Markdown , or Just Reduced indicate that an item has been permanently reduced and will not return to the original price.  This can happen when clearing out inventory (a clearance or closeout sale) or when the price of an item has been permanently reduced based on sales performance.

    Though it's unusual, some Original (ORIG.) prices may not have been in effect during the past 90 days. This may happen for items on clearance, or intermediate price reductions may have been taken. For example, if an item is on clearance, the price may keep being reduced until the inventory is depleted. The item might start at 25% off, and then proceed to 40% off, 50% off, or more.

  • Limited to Stock on Hand, While Supplies Last: Original (ORIG.), Now, Clearance, Closeout, or Special Purchase offers are limited to stock on hand and are available only while supplies last.  Supplies may be limited because the item is often being cleared from inventory and will not be re-ordered, or because there is limited supply of an item to offer as a special purchase. When these items are offered online, there is often a high volume of orders. When this happens, the real-time inventory system sometimes is not able to keep up with demand, and certain orders may need to be cancelled after they are accepted.

  • Everyday Value: The term Everyday Value represents the everyday price of an item. Everyday Values are excluded from all “sales,” price reductions, and coupons/Macy’s Credit Card savings. However, this merchandise may be reduced when it becomes part of a clearance.

  • Lowest Prices of the Season: When Lowest Prices of the Season are listed on merchandise, it refers to four retail seasons per year: Spring (February-April); Summer (May-July); Fall (August-October); and Holiday/Winter (November-January). However, prices may be lowered during a season for clearance.

  • If Purchased Separately: When I f Purchased Separately pricing is used for a set (e.g., of cookware or cutlery), the “if purchased separately” savings are based on regular prices of the individual items that make up the set. Actual savings will be less if those items are on sale.

  • Value Added Promo Codes: At times, an additional discount will be offered when a promo code or a Macy’s Card is used. These offers may be referred to as Value Added Promotional Codes., which are applied to the merchandise described and generally have exclusions (e.g.: Specials, Morning Specials, and online Web Busters generally are excluded.) For online shopping, promo codes are applied to the Shopping Bag.

  • While Macy's always tries to ensure accuracy, we reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing or descriptions, and to cancel or refuse to accept any order based on an incorrect price or description. Such corrections may be made even after an order is accepted.

Price adjustment policy