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How can I find an item online or in-store?

There are lots of options for finding the item (or similar items) that you're looking for.

Click on the links below to find out more.

How can I find an item online that I saw at a Macy’s Store?

Use our search tool, located at the top of the site page, to help find an item that you've seen in a store.

There are many ways to search for an item:

  • Enter the item's name
  • Enter a short description
  • Enter the brand

Once your information is entered, select the magnifying glass and your results will populate.

Please note: Although offers a wide selection of items, not everything found in stores is available online.

How can I find an item at a Macy’s Store that I've seen online?

To find if an item is available—including if it comes in your size and color—at your designated Macy's store, just use the Free Pickup option.

Here's how it works:

  • Enter a product name or description into the main search tool at the top of the page; select the magnifying glass and your merchandise results will appear
  • Select Free Pickup In Store for your designated store under the Filter By left-side navigation (for your computer) or Free Pickup Today above the items (for your mobile device)
  • Items available for in-store pickup at your designated store will populate
  • To change your designated store on your computer, select the double-door icon at the top of the page, enter your ZIP code, and make a selection from the menu
  • To change your designated store on your mobile device, choose STORES from the menu, enter your ZIP code, and make a selection from the menu
If you have further questions about availability or color/size selection, we're available 24/7 at 800-289-6229 .

How do I find an item that I saw in Macy’s Catalog?

Follow these steps to find items featured in our catalogs:

  • Our catalogs include the item's Web ID in the description of the product
  • Enter this ID number into the search tool at the top of the site page and select the magnifying glass
  • If you don't have the item's Web ID, you can also search using the item's name or a short description

You can also browse our catalogs online. Visit My Macy's to check out our weekly catalogs, find out more information about featured items, add items to your shopping list, and start shopping.

How do I use Macy’s Image Search?

Image Search is available through the Macy's app, allowing you to take or upload a photo of any item and find similar items available on See Macy's Image Search Terms & Conditions .

Here's how it works:

  • Quick and easy method to search for merchandise at
  • Take a photo of an item in store and find out if it's also available online
Follow these steps to start searching:

  1. Simply download the Image Search App from your mobile device
  2. Take or upload your photo
  3. Select a shopping category and a sub-category
  4. Select an item and proceed to checkout