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Endorser Guidelines

Social media is a great tool for customers to talk with Macy's and each other. As a part of the Macy's community who wants to join in on the conversation, it is important that you do your part and make sure the context of those conversations and content are clear to other customers so they can make a fully informed decision when reading your content.

A connection to Macy's can take many forms -- from receiving  an entry to a Macy's sweepstakes, to attending a special event hosted by Macy's, to receiving free products from, or working for Macy's. If you have a connection to Macy's, that connection must be disclosed whenever you write about or talk about Macy's online, and it should be disclosed in a way that others can easily understand the context of your statement.

Your disclosure of your connection to Macy's should be clear and obvious to your reader and comply with the Federal Trade Commission Endorsement Guides. For example, within a product review post you might say, "This review is a Macy's sweepstakes entry" or "Macy's provided me this product for free" or you might include a hashtag such as #ad, #paid, #macyssweepstakesentry. In the case of sharing a video, you should disclose your connection to Macy's within the video itself. Further details are available on the Federal Trade Commission FAQ page .

Thank you for being a part of the vibrant Macy's community and for sharing your honest beliefs and experiences.