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Does Macy's offer jewelry & watch repair?

What is your online jewelry & watch repair service?
Macy's has partnered with, the nation's leading jewelry and watch repair service, to repair your fine jewelry and watches in their state-of-the-art facilities. Here's how it works:

  • Visit
  • Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to submit your repair
  • Print your order slip and shipping label and pack your item
  • Ship your item for free from any UPS location
  • MyJewelryRepair technicians will thoroughly inspect your item and provide you with a personalized repair estimate
  • Approve or decline the work, and securely submit payment online
  • Repaired item will be sent back to you via UPS

How do I ship my item for repair?
Submit your repair by following the easy instructions, print your order slip and shipping label, then pack your item and ship it via UPS.

How much does online jewelry repair cost?
Costs vary depending upon materials used and the nature of the repair. You can view a pricing list here .

How long does the repair process take?
Repair time can vary depending upon the necessary work and the parts required, but most repairs require a minimum of two weeks.

What types of jewelry can be repaired?
Almost any piece of jewelry or watch can be repaired! Items are limited to a value of $5,000 if they were not purchased at Macy's.

Can my ring be resized?
Yes, ring resizing is available. Some limitations may apply based on your ring's design.

Is my item insured?
Yes, your jewelry or watches are fully insured through this service.

What if my item gets lost in the mail?
Losing an item is highly unusual, but if for some reason your item is lost, MyJewelryRepair will file an insurance claim with UPS and you will be reimbursed for the declared value of your piece.

I've heard stories about stone switching…how do I know this service is safe?
MyJewelryRepair features the tightest security in the industry. They perform over 500,000 repairs per year and have never been accused of switching a stone. Everything is followed on camera from the moment an item is received for repair, photos are taken from all angles, and stones are kept in a different, highly secured area that is inventoried daily. You can rest assured that your fine jewelry and watches are secure.